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The Internship Experience | Wasim Jabari- Project Manger.

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

My journey with Eos Cares started during the peak of COVID-19 back in April, 2020. The coronavirus situation during that time has made Eos cares team to form a new route of strategies to adapt within the organization in order to help local communities at Lund from the spread of the virus. The interventions were targeting the new refugees and other local groups by increasing their health literacy towards the prevention of coronavirus. The energy and cooperation among the team members were extremely high; we all had one goal, which is to keep the local communities at Lund SAFE.

I continued volunteering with Eos Cares, which then I became a full-time intern until October, 2020. Throughout my internship I was the program manager for an integration program called “Welcome to Lund”, which is a program that targets all the newcomers’ community in Lund. The program provides social activities that help the newcomers to expand their social and professional network. In addition, it provides mentorship sessions to spread the positive vibes and motivation to all the participants by letting the mentors share their success stories that were accomplished here in Sweden. The program turned out to be a big success, where we had a lot of participants who joined the program and the program spread among the Lund community very quickly, that we ended up expanding it more.

I have worked with different international organizations, but the experience gained of joining a local Swedish organization like Eos Cares has been tremendously beneficial to me. Eos Cares adopt a flat management structure, which means it empowers its employees and interns to run their projects and teams based on what they see as the best solution. This context encourages interns to think outside the box and let them give the best of what they can offer in a very innovative and special way. This approach can result with great program outcomes. In addition, working with a multicultural and high dynamic team can be a learning opportunity, where each team member can add something new to the table, and this can help you to expand your innovative thinking and cultural aspects in many kinds of ways.

We all started at Eos Cares as strangers but we ended up as a family, I consider the Eos Care internship to be a unique internship with a great atmosphere, place and people. If you are planning to have an experience in project management and program development, Eos Cares can be a great place for you. If you are planning to join Eos Cares team and you still have some questions to be answered, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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