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Tuesday April 7, 2020 – Help and support in Lund for the Corona crisis


Lunds kommun offers a service for the support of the needy. You can go there if you belong to a risk group and need help with matters such as shopping or food, or if you want to help others yourself.

IM: s operation RådRum offers support to those new in Sweden by establishing contact with the Swedish society. During the Corona crisis, you can get help by email or telephone.

Eos Cares’s regular language cafes are closed during the Corona crisis, but a language cafe is held outdoors (with participants seated far from each other) on Wednesdays; and another that is held online on Saturdays – so you can still practice your Swedish! For more info, click here. Eos Cares’s group “Local Discoveries” also provides tips on nice places to take walks and our health promotion team will soon offer additional outdoor activities.

Kvinnofridslinjen – for women that have been subjected to mental, physical or sexual violence: 020-505050 “Choose to quit” – the phone line for those who risk hurting the one you love: 020-555 666


It is important that children and youths that are healthy continue to be active even during the Corona crisis. Lund's recreational areas are still open. The following digital services are aimed specially at children and youth:

Help with homework (the websites are in Swedish)

Hej Albert (age 3-16 ):

Facebookgrupp Gratis plugghjälp! (Social sciences):

Facebookgrupp Läxhjälp för alla!:

Mattcentrums pluggakut:

Other support for children/youths (the websites are in Swedish)

For children who are worried about Corona: BRIS (call, chat or email):

Fältgruppen Lunds chat har utökade tider (vardagar 8.30-21.30, fre-lör 17.00-01.00):

Röda Korset jourhavande kompis:

Gällande hedersrelaterat våld:

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