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Eos Language Tandem Program


"You teach me your language, I'll teach you mine"

- Here's how it works -

Tandem How it works

Sign Up

Let us know the languages you know and want to learn by signing up.


You can also apply to be the Team Leader of your team.


We create Tandem Teams when:

1. At least two participants from each language background sign up.

2. At least one of the participants wants to take on the role of Team Leader.

Our Tandem Teams usually consist of four to six people.

Team Leader

Team Leader is given instructions through an individual meeting on how to run the Tandem Team.


Online training as "Studiecirkelledare" (leader of Study Circle) is also provided in collaboration with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan.


Getting Started

Begin with a start-up meeting to get introduced and set rules for the Tandem program! 


These may include format of conversations, commitment, frequency, time, location etc.

Tandem Meetings

Team Leader brings the group together to have regular independent meetings. 


The Team Leader also reports back to the program management on the frequency, progress, and needs of the group (e.g. replacing team members who drop out).


Develop your language skills in a fun and interactive way! 

For inspiration and networking, join our Language Tandem Facebook Group!

Tandem Apply

Please note:
- Important information:  The Language Tandem Program activities will be suspended until Autumn. You can still apply to join the LTP however you will be placed on a waiting list and the group matching process will only be done after Summer. This decision will not affect the groups that are already on going, so if you have already been placed into a group, you can continue the meetings as usual, if so you wish.

- It usually takes between 1 to 6 weeks to get matched with a Tandem Team, depending on the demand for the languages you want to involve.
- If you have a friend who is willing to learn or already speaks one of the languages you are interested in, invite them to apply! It will speed up the matching process and help in connecting the Team.
- Be sure that you can commit at least 1 hour per week to meet with your Tandem Team.

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