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"You teach me your language, I'll teach you mine"

- Here is how it works



Fill in our registration form. Here you will upload information about languages you know and want to learn, as well as some other conditions that enable us to create Tandem Teams, including whether you want to serve as a Team Leader.


We are collecting applications, and will create Tandem Teams as soon as we have a group where the following conditions are met:

- At least 2 participants of each language background

- At least 1 of the participants wants to take on the role of Team Leader

Hence, a Tandem Team will consist of 4-6 people, with a minimum of 2 participants of each language background.


We invite the suggested Team Leader to an individual meeting, to go through the procedures of running a Tandem Team, and provide a brief online training as a "Studiecirkelledare" (leader of Study Circle) in collaboration with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan.


We invite the entire Tandem Team for a start-up meeting, where the group will get introduced, and discuss conditions for the activity: format of conversations, commitment, frequency, times and locations of meetings etc.


The Tandem Team continues with regular meetings in an independent manner, where the Team Leader takes responsibility for bringing the group together. 


The Team Leader also reports back to the program management, on the frequency, progress and needs of the group (e.g. replacing team members who drop out etc). 


Everyone within the Language Tandem Program will continuously get invited to seminars and other events of interest for language learners. 

We also encourage the participants to join the Tandem facebook group, where we post information and material related to language learning, as well as portraits and experiences from our active Teams.


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