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Together with Given Förening, Eos Social Hub has created Ukrainagiven - a local relief organisation for Ukrainian refugees in Lund. Ukrainagiven is working with other leading NGO's in Lund, to staff the Meeting Central Ukraine at Botulfsplatsen, and to provide service to the community of Ukrainian refugees. Currently five Ukrainian refugees have been employed through support from Ukrainagiven. They work in a range of areas:

  • Hosting the Meeting Central, welcoming and involving visitors in social & educational activities

  • Offering free lunches and refreshments at the Meeting Central

  • Managing a Support Team which assists with information-related need, a Family Team providing activities for kids, and an Education Team recruiting Ukrainians to Swedish and English courses.

  • Support with donations to cover for fundamental financial needs.

  • Events & other activities to support Ukrainian cohesion & culture.


Support Ukrainian refugees living in Lunds kommun.

 Swish your amount to

123 239 91 45.



The best way to follow the news & activities of Ukrainagiven is through our Facebook group - please join!

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Volunteer positions related to Ukrainagiven are posted at FRIVILLIGKRAFT - Lunds kommun's volunteering portal.

Lund University students: Samtliga Frivilligkraft-uppdrag som är relaterade till samlingslokalen för ukrainska flyktingar kan tillgodoräknas inom ramen för Certificate of International Merits.

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