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Our available volunteer positions - open for non-Swedish speakers
Uppdrag för svensktalande finns här.

Volunteering - General

If you would like to help out but do not really know with what, or if several options here below look interesting - choose this option!

If you have a lot of time available, an internship may also be an option.

Language Café Conversation Leader - English


As a Conversation Leader, you participate in meeting, talking and socializing with the other visitors, inspiring them to further develop their conversational skills.

Note! You do not need to be a native speaker to make an impact at the language tables! Over the years, we have learnt that many visitors, especially at the beginners level, learn better from a conversation leader who speaks their own language, who can share advice about how to overcome challenges and learn & study efficiently.

Cooking staff for events

  • Often on weekend afternoons/evenings

The EOS Cares Cook-along Team is responsible for the most important part of many EOS Cares events: food and refreshments! Volunteers are much welcome to reinforce our kitchen work, and will be much appreciated by the event participants.

Teacher of basic IT courses in various languages (Arabic, Tigrinja, Turkish, Dari, Somali)

  • Choose from different sessions spread out over the week

  • Requirement: proficiency in either of the languages in which courses are given

Prisma provides basic IT courses, aiming to make our visitors comfortable in front of the computer. Topics covered are for example using internet, Microsoft Word & other Office programs. No need to have an IT background, you just need to be communicative, helpful and patient.

Teachers of native language for kids - Arabic, Ukrainian, Turkish and Dari

  • At our Hemspråksundervisning sessions: Saturday/Sunday afternoons

For our Hemspråksundervisning program, we are continuously looking for teachers and teaching assistants, who can contribute to entertaining and inspirational language sessions for kids 6-14 years. The kids generally speak their language of origin very well, but need to develop reading and writing skills. The sessions also include breaks with play and practice of sports.

Read here about the role of arabic teacher!

Teaching assistants - Arabic, Ukrainian, Turkish and Dari

  • At our Hemspråksundervisning sessions: Saturday/Sunday afternoons

As a Teaching assistant, you will support the main teacher, and help out with games and entertainment during classes and breaks.

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