Every year, about 2500 international students are introduced to the city of Lund through the University’s many International Mentorship groups. These groups open a variety of doors to amazing social opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But what if you are a professional, an intern, a refugee, or a spouse joining their recruited partner? Who do you turn to when trying to build your new social network?


Through the Welcome to Lund program, Eos Cares is here to fill that void through a series of our own mentorship sessions and social events. At these events, newcomers can learn how to navigate their new home or simply build social connections within the community. Typically, these events are held every other week and are open to anyone. 


​We will continuously post updates here and on our social media platforms about upcoming events, and how they will be held in regard to new COVID restrictions. 

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Below you can see pictures from the first round of the program in September 2019:
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