Eos Cares

A Social Hub for all of Lund

Eos Cares is the integration program of the IK Eos Basketball Club.

The purpose of Eos Cares is to open up the club for everyone and all societal groups, by offering an arena where people can meet, engage in social activities and develop a sense of coherence as citizens of the Lund region and members of the Eos community. The key asset is Eoshallen, the sports palace owned and run by IK Eos, which is a centre for integration and social establishment within the city of Lund.

Eos Cares was initiated in January 2016, and has since then continuously grown and developed into a live example of how a sports club can team up with the municipality and with the local community of associations, to provide an impactful contribution to the local community.

Integration Projects

"Eos Cares - A Scalable Model for Integration through Sports"

Sponsor: Vinnova Social Innovation

Together with the Skåne Basketball Federation and Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB, Eos Cares is working to develop our methods "The Sports Club as a Social Hub" and "Partner Clubs in Challenged areas" into leading examples of how sports clubs can contribute to integration.

For more info about the methods, see summary and graphics here below.



Through a program that is offering activities with the main purpose of involving new societal groups, the club expands its recruitment base and builds connections with the local community in a way that brings growth and a strengthened sense of purpose to its traditional activities.



A Sports Club establishes a local presence in socially challenged areas, through creating a new club that collaborates with a school in recruiting its students and introducing them to the opportunity of practicing and developing a passion for sports. When desiring to continue exercising at a competitive level, they are transferred to the main sports club.


Bringing the city of Lund together.

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