Eos Cares


Eos Cares is the basketball club IK Eos' award-winning social sustainability program, offering services, communities and meeting places for inclusion and social connection across societal groups in Lund. Eos Cares is a spider-in-the-web within Lund's civil society, and a key companion to the municipality and other authorities in joint community efforts. Each year, several thousand people participate in the program, making it one of the largest social initiatives within the Swedish sports movement.


The mission of Eos Cares is to:

  • Welcome new societal groups in the club’s community.

  • Open up Eoshallen as a center for integration, language training and social establishment. 

  • Develop methods and solutions for how the sports movement can contribute to societal challenges.



Eos Cares activities are channeled through three programs

Each program has a unique target group, range of activities, internal organization and business model. 

In addition, Eos Cares is running a number of social projects.

Prisma Stående Small text.png


Eoscares.se is mainly in English, as this is the most inclusive language within the Lund region. Sections and news that are aimed for the Prisma target group are written in Swedish. 

Working languages for our programs are:

  • Eos Social Hub - ENGLISH

  • Prisma - SWEDISH

  • HSIF Klostergården - SWEDISH/ENGLISH

Facts & Figures

  • Eos Cares opened up its gates on the 23rd of January 2016, hosting the first session of Eos Language Café. The activity has been running ever since, with at least 2 sessions per week and on average involving more than 100 language learners on a weekly basis.

  • During 2016-19, Eos Cares developed a wide range of social activities. In addition to language cafés have been offered recreational basketball teams, job market & sustainability seminars, nature excursions, cooking sessions, yoga and meditation sessions, mentorship sessions, language tandem program, open daycare and sport sessions for parents with small kids, and much more.

  • During 2019, Eos Cares passed the milestone of 2 000 unique yearly participants.

  • The same year, Eos Cares received Lunds kommun’s Integration Award, as well as the Lundapokalen as the most influential contributor within the NGO sector of the municipality.

  • Prisma was launched in September 2019, as Eos Cares saw the need for an additional approach to better involve the refugee community in social activities.

  • During the first year of Prisma, 844 people received help to visit leisure-time activities that they otherwise had not been aware of.

  • In the second year of Prisma, the approach was adapted to covid conditions. During the restrictions, more than 100 people per week were engaged in online and small-group activities like societal counseling, SFI homework support, language mentor meetings, basic IT courses and bike training.

  • During the summer of 2021, the Prisma activities alone involved 1 014 unique individuals, many of them kids & youth in great need of holiday activities.

  • In April 2020, the sports club HSIF Klostergården was founded. During the first year, over 200 kids were involved in the club’s activities.

  • Eos Cares has specialized in using Eoshallen and other venues for large social events, collaborating with other NGO’s and organisations to create extensive meeting places. Among the biggest events so far have been: Welcome Event for new students (August 2017, 640 people), Superdag/Eid Adha (July 2021, 480 people), Winter Party (December 2019, 400 people), Japanese Cultural Day (May 2019, 390 people), Playground Eoshallen (July 2019, 250 people).