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  • Open for everyone – no exclusions*

  • Enjoyable for non-swedish speakers

  • Designed to have room for and to appreciate new participants** – at every activity, there is an appointed responsible for welcoming & introductions

  • Involving and encouraging social interaction

  • Involving interaction with established citizens***

  • Involving elements of learning and personal development

  • Free to try out, and usually free to participate in long-term

* Except in case of age & gender restrictions

** If limited amount of spots, a special registration is set up

*** Not necessarily Swedish people, could also be international role models for establishment in the region.

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Language Dev


Language development is key to both social integration and personal growth. Eos Cares offers opportunities to practice languages through:

- Eos Language Café, every Saturday at 13-15. Several languages.

- Prata Svenska, every Wednesday at 10-12. Swedish only.

- Kulturbro (Culture Bridge) at Stadsbiblioteket, cultural exchange meeting in Swedish. Every Monday at 18-19.30.

- A Language Tandem Program where language learners are matched and work together on mutual improvement.

- Learning seminars about language development. Check the Learning seminars schedule.


To share and discuss experiences related to the Swedish job market, we are currently running these activities:

- Learning Seminars on various aspects of how to find a job. Check the Learning Seminars schedule.

- A Job Seekers group for Career Networking, originally made up of Life Science Professionals but welcoming everyone and covering topics that are relevant for all job seekers.

Career & Networking
Cooking & Baking


IK Eos is a sports club, and we want to encourage everyone to come and work out in our gym, and of course to try out basketball and to discover the joy of learning the game.

Here are the basketball teams that Eos offers , that do not require any particular previous basketball experience:

Age 18+, Eos Cares Senior Basketball, Wednesdays at 21-22.30 and Sundays at 20-22. Basketball practice and play for all levels and a very social atmosphere.

Read more about this team.

Age 15-18, Eos PU20/Eos Cares Junior Basketball. Basketball team for junior players with no requirement of earlier experience.

Age 8-14, Every age group has teams for both girls and boys.

Read more about the Eos basketball programme under "VÅRA LAG" on

NOTE: In the older age groups, most players have developed significant skills, so some experience of basketball is usually needed to keep up with the practice level.

Age 6-7, Basketlek for boys & girls.

Age 1,5-5, Bollkul for parents & kids.



In June 2018, we were fortunate to enjoy an amazing Learning Seminar with environmental spokesperson Golo Pilz of the Brahma Kumaris, travelling all the way from India to inspire us on how our inner personal development can have a positive impact on the world's climate developments. Eos Cares has since picked up on his message, and accordingly our Sustainability program is combining Outer Sustainability - environmental efforts - with Inner Sustainability - practice of your interior peace and self-awareness.

The activities we are offering within the field of Sustainability are currently:

- Learning Seminars on various topics related to Inner & Outer Sustainability.

- Yoga sessions, every Thursday at 17-18.

- Mindful meditation sessions, every Tuesday at 17-18.

- Local Discoveries, excursions into nature areas in Skåne, offering opportunities of being life-enrichening through the experience of awe that is evoked by the natural beauty that our region is offering.

​​Here you can see Golo giving a similar lecture.

Family & Kids


Eos Cares is running the following activities for parents with smaller kids:

- 0-2 years, International Playgroup, every Tuesday at 10-12.

- 2-5 years, Bollkul, semi-organised play for parents & kids on Sunday mornings.


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