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Every week, Eos Cares is offering between 10-50 different social activities, for integration & societal support, language training, personal development and much more.

For all the details, please check our social media accounts.

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Eos Cares

Facebook page: Eos Cares
Instagram: eos_cares
LinkedIn: Eos Cares


Eos Social Hub

Facebook page: Eos Social Hub
Facebook groups:

  • Eos Language Café

  • Eos Local Discoveries

  • Eos Cook- & Bake-along

  • Eos Cares - Get in touch & Grow your network

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Interkultur I Lund

Facebook page: Interkultur I Lund
Facebook groups:

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Interkultur - Ukrainian Unity

Facebook page: Interkultur - Ukrainian Unity Lund

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