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Eos Cares offers Internship positions, for a minimum of 12 hours/week over at least 10 weeks.

As an intern, you will work across a range of our activity areas, and get a good understanding of the behind-the-scenes procedures of our organisation.

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The activities that Eos Cares offers are much relying on our great group of volunteers. Here below we are listing the main roles that we are currently looking to recruit.


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Available Volunteering Positions

Eos Cares is currently looking to recruit:

Language Café Swedish Speakers

  • At Eos Language Café: Saturdays at 12.30-15.30 or Wednesdays at 9.30-12.30

During our language cafés, there is a huge demand of practicing Swedish conversation. As a Swedish Speaker, you participate in meeting, talking and socializing with the other visitors, inspiring them to further develop their conversational skills.

Note! You do not need to be a native speaker to make an impact at the Swedish tables! Over the years, we have learnt that many visitors, especially at the beginners level, learn better from a conversation leader who speaks their own language, who can share advice about how to overcome challenges and learn & study efficiently.

Language Café English Speakers

  • At Eos Language Café: Saturdays at 12.30-15.30 or Wednesdays at 9.30-12.30

As an English Speaker, you participate in meeting, talking and socializing with visitors who come to the language café to practice English.

Note! You do not need to be a native speaker to make an impact! Many visitors learn very well also from people who have learnt the language on their own, and who can share experiences from the learning process.

Language Café French Speakers

  • At Eos Language Café: Wednesdays at 9.30-12.30

French speakers are much welcome to join our French section during the language café on Wednesdays. Here you will receive instructions from our French language managers.

Language Café Staff

  • At Eos Language Café: Saturdays at 12.30-15.30 or at Prata Svenska: Wednesdays at 9.30-12.30

As a Language Café Staff, you help out with setting up the facilities, with preparing & refilling the fika tables and with welcoming & registering the visitors. 

Language Café Managers

Would you like to create your own language café! It is not that difficult - here you can read the story about our "Parlez-Vous Francais?" french language and culture exchange!


As a Language Café Manager, you are responsible for a table for conversations in your native language, or another language that you master. You will recruit visitors to the table and inspire them to develop their language skills, and also recruit other native speakers that can act as language facilitators. You will have complete freedom if you want to set up a framework for the conversations, for example games, discussion topics or language exercises, but it is fine also to keep it at just casual conversation.

Coaches for kids and youth sports teams

Through our collaboration with the Hemmaplan initiative, Eos Cares is helping out creating a new sports club for kids and youth in the area of Klostergården in the southwest of Lund. For this club, we recruit sports coaches in basketball, martial arts, football as well as potential additional sports to be added to the mix.​ Depending on your experience, you can be either responsible for a team or an assistant coach. For older groups, the assistant coach can also participate as a player on the team!

Teachers of native language for kids: Arabic and Dari

  • At our Hemspråksundervisning sessions: Sunday afternoons

For our Hemspråksundervisning program, we are continuously looking for teachers and teaching assistants, who can contribute to entertaining and inspirational language sessions for kids 6-14 years. The kids generally speak their language of origin very well, but need to develop reading and writing skills. The sessions also include breaks with play and practice of sports.

Read here about the role of arabic teacher!

Seminar leaders - for our Welcome to Lund program

Do you have an idea of how you can bring people together, teach them something useful and allow for them to interact and network? Join us as a seminar leader, and share your skills and experiences!


Have an idea of how you can help us, that is not mentioned?

Do not hesitate to let us know!

Apply for a Volunteering Position

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Many of our most appreciated contributors do not have any kind of formal commitment with Eos Cares. They just show up when they are available - and help out making our activities flourish.

We call them Bees.

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