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Eos Cares is continuously looking for talents that want to join and reinforce our organisation. As a member of Eos Cares, you will have the opportunity to work within and extensive network of great people, and to make an impact in a field where much help is needed.

Here below, you can read about:
 - Various types of roles that make up our organisation

 - Available roles to apply for


This chart illustrates the functions and responsibilities that make up the Eos Cares organisation. Below we are explaining the roles more in detail.

See available roles.


  • The "Core Processes" of Eos Cares - Funding, Recruitment, Communications, Data, Service, Marketing & Collaborations - are carried out by the Staff Team.

  • The Staff Team is made up by Eos employees and interns.

  • If you are interested in and eligible for an internship, contact us to discuss a suitable assignment, usually combining Core Process responsibilities with Manager, Volunteering and Ambassador tasks.


  • Entrepreneurs/Managers are independently responsible for an activity or a specific assignment.

  • Entrepreneurs are Managers who bring their own ideas into Eos Cares and make them realize with assistance from our resources (facilities, network, know-how, communication & marketing channels etc).

  • Unpaid role unless the initiative is self-financing. However a valuable management and networking experience.

Contact us if you have an idea that you want to make reality

Check available Manager roles



The volunteering tasks within Eos Cares are channeled through the "Green Orchestra", the club's pool of volunteers.

To join Eos Cares as a volunteer, do the following:

1. Click here to read about the Volunteering tasks that are currently offered, and how you can sign up!


2. Join our facebook group "Eos Gröna Orkestern". This is where we communicate with the volunteers, and also where additional volunteering opportunities are announced.


As an Ambassador, you are the link between Eos Cares and another organisation or specific target group:

  • Share information about Eos Cares activities.

  • Help out creating initiatives that involve both organisations.

  • Open doors to decision-makers to discuss further collaborations.

Read more about becoming an Ambassador

Apply for an Ambassador role!


Many of our most appreciated contributors do not have any kind of formal commitment with Eos Cares. They just show up when they are available - and help out making our activities flourish.

We call them Bees.



Eos Cares is currently looking to recruit:

Language Café Manager

Unlimited positions

  • At Eos Language Café: Saturdays at 13-15

As a Language Café Manager, you are responsible for a table for conversations in your native language, or another language that you master. You will recruit visitors to the table and inspire them to develop their language skills, and also recruit other native speakers that can act as language facilitators. You will have complete freedom if you want to set up a framework for the conversations, for example games, discussion topics or language exercises, but it is fine also to keep it at just casual conversation.

Basketball Coach/Team Manager

2 positions

  • Thursdays at 16-17 or 19-20 at Klostergårdsskolan, Klostergården, Lund

Eos Cares is currently starting up basketball teams at a recreational level, for kids 10-12 years and 13-15 years, practicing on Thursdays in Klostergården! The trainings will focus on teaching the rules of the game and letting them play freely. Possibly we will also mix basketball with mini-football.

Depending on your experience, you can be either responsible for the team or an assistant coach. If you are not so familiar with basketball, you can also be a Team Manager. A Team Manager is not a coach, it is the organizer that makes the team grow and develop together. As a Manager, you will work to build coherence within the group through social activities and through ongoing communications with the players. For the basketball development, when necessary you can invite coaches and trainers to teach skills and techniques. For the older group, the Team Manager can also participate as a player on the team!

Language Café Entrance Manager

1 position

  • At Eos Language Café: Saturdays at 12.30-15

As a Language Café Entrance Manager, your are responsible for the entrance desk at Eos Language Café. Here you welcome the visitors, direct them towards the languages they are interested in, and manage the visitor & member registration.

Language Café Swedish Facilitator

Unlimited positions

  • At Eos Language Café: Saturdays at 13-15

  • Requirement: Native or fluent Swedish

  • Participation: On average at least every second week

During our language cafés, there is a huge demand of practicing Swedish conversation with native speakers. As a Swedish Facilitator, you participate in the Swedish section of Eos Language Café, meeting, talking and socializing with the other visitors, inspiring them to further develop their conversational skills.

Teacher of Arabic for kids

Unlimited positions

  • At Arabic for kids sessions: Sunday afternoons

For our Arabic for kids program, we are continuously looking for teachers and teaching assistants, who can contribute to entertaining and inspirational arabic sessions for kids 6-14 years. The kids generally speak arabic, but need to develop their reading and writing skills. The sessions also include breaks with play and practice of sports.

Seminar Host

Unlimited positions

  • Commitment and time of week scalable and flexible to your own conditions

Do you have an idea for an interactive seminar that brings people together to network and to learn about and interesting topic? We are continuously looking to provide these kinds of seminars, and will put our resources at your disposal to set up a series of events. Apply here and let us start up a discussion about what we can create together.

Social Entrepreneurs

Unlimited positions

  • Commitment and time of week scalable and flexible to your own conditions

If you have an idea of how to bring people together, we will enable you to make this happen through our program. Our resources of facilities, network, communications channels and project management support will be at your disposal, and together with your mission we will be able to accomplish great things. Apply here and let us start up a discussion about what we can create together.

On our activities page, you can read the criteria for Eos Cares social activities.

Have an idea of how you can help us, that is not mentioned here above?

Do not hesitate to let us know!



If you prefer applying through e-mail instead of using the form below, send your application to

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