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Lunch Talks


The Concept

Hej! New to Sweden? Or perhaps you have been here for a while?


We hope you’ve found much to love about living here.

But everybody knows that moving here also comes with challenges. 

If you’ve found it hard at times, worry not! You’re not the only one!


So how do you go about settling here in Sweden?

Lunch Talks offer a space where you can find answers to your questions, guidance on the issues, and support as you navigate your way through Swedish life.

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Each talk will be focused on a particular topic relevant to you: whether it be about building networks and finding work, making friendships - or maybe just tips on surviving through the Swedish winter - we’ve got you covered!

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Keep Updated

We want Lunch Talks to be a forum for sharing; a place where newcomers of all backgrounds can share their stories about settling in Sweden and share their tips on how to face the challenges of living here. It’s also an opportunity to meet other people who can relate to your situation. Ultimately, we’re here to help each other!

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Upcoming Event

Anmälan Språkvolontär
Anmälan Språkvolontär
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