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Eos Cares offer services for three types of organisations:

- Organisations that recruit internationally, and that want to support their staff & their families in getting established and connected in the region

- Organisations with Swedish or already established employees, that want to provide for them the opportunity to come together in social activities involving newcomers

- Organisations that simply want to make a positive impact in the local community

We are well aware that many business & employers in the region are corresponding to all three types.

Here below you can read about our various services, that can be beneficial for managers or work groups at any level.

Social Language Training


Want to provide your employees with an opportunity to develop language skills, and at the same time build social connections and get involved in a network of others that are facing similar challenges?

Depending on your amount of people and level of engagement, Eos Cares will create a package of the following types of sessions:

- Conversation training in Language Café setting

- Theory and motivational boost for language development through Learning Seminars

- Individual language coaching with certified coach

Contact us for a discussion on how to set this up for you!

Volunteering Day



Would you like to engage your organization or department in community work, and/or inspire your employees to participate in community efforts?

Eos Cares offers a range of options:

- A day, or half day, where you visit us and join our social activities

- Collaborations on involving your employees in various social activities

- A visit from Eos Cares to your company, to inform about our work and how to get involved

Contact us for a discussion on how to set this up for you!

Team-building Cook-along


Bring your team to Eoshallen to cook and enjoy a delicious meal together!

Through the Eos Cares Cook-along, we have developed a concept where you carry out various cooking assignments as a group activity, and then have it all come together into a delicious meal for you to enjoy. Team size can be anywhere from 4 to 12 persons.

Contact us for a discussion on how to set this up for you!

Find Employee Intern


Through our Language Cafés and various social activities, we have gotten to know a lot of people of different backgrounds who are learning the Swedish language ambitiously and efficiently, and are eager to get involved in real and practical work situations. Would you have use for somebody with this profile reinforcing your team? Eos Cares can help you share information about roles you are looking for, and act as a reference on our participants applying.

Contact us for a discussion on how to set this up for you!

Inspirational lecture


Every Wednesday evening, Eos Cares is hosting Learning Seminars, changing topic every week and covering a range of areas. Many have been very appreciated and hold great inspirational value.


A few examples of our seminars are:

- Accelerate your Language Learning. Experiences and advice on how to study and practice languages efficiently.

- Creating a Climate of Change. Exploring the link between your inner sustainability and your behaviors that affect the environment.

- Socialize, Develop & Get Involved. How social engagement through the movement of sports can make a difference for integration.

These can be brought to your staff and tailored to fit with your setting.

Contact us for a discussion on how to set this up for you!

Partnering CSR


Want your organization to start making an impact for your local community?

Eos Cares has a range of social activities running, a know-how on social engagement and a network of people and organizations involved in community development. Your organization surely has great resources through your staff, management procedures and market position. Team up with us, and let us build an impressive Corporate Social Responsibility programme together.

Contact us for a discussion on how to set this up for you!

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