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Wellbeing Seminar: "Loving Yourself"

We are glad to announce the first of the round of seminars during the spring. Drawing on the "Inner Sustainability" seminars we were giving last semester, we are now continuing the journey towards self-awareness and peace of mind.

Love yourself. This has been lately presented more and more, whereas as a concept or as an exercise or as a profound practice. But what does it mean? What is this? :)

We are so used to saying it to others or it being said to us. But not really to our selves. It is quite strange to walk by a mirror and look carefully at yourself and say: I love you. Is it? Not really something that we are used to do, it might even feel embarasing and strange. If you go now and really stay and look deeply into your own eyes, what do you feel? This concept of self love may simply be a first step that opens our awareness towards the relantionship we have with ourselves. And on the love and care we have for ourselves. Also, the trauma and pain and shame we might be caring, covering that love, that unconditional love and the the power it carries. Also a new awareness about the beauty of discovering what lays within. The love. The fears. The pain. The past hurts, relantionships, family and intergenerational trauma, disappointments. And moving through and past them. Healing. Healing the heart. Healing the self. Loving the self. We may discover that together. You may reflect on what Loving oneself means to you before coming to the workshop. And bring the stuff that comes up (may it be words or a drawing, an object or a sculpture), when you come. And we will discover it together, share and see how surprisingly similar we are. And creative. And unique. And wonderful. :) This will be an interactive workshop, we will do exercises together, meditation, art therapy, we will listen, relax, release and reveal. We might even dance, stretch, shake and jump. HOW TO SIGN UP As the seats are limited, please sign up for the seminar through this link:

And here is the facebook event, feel free to share and invite friends!

The seminar will be given by CranioSacral Therapist Laura Prodan. Read her bio here below: I am working as a CranioSacral Therapist since 2011 and I am certified by the Upledger Institute USA and the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, with recognition in over 50 countries. Before that I have worked as a business consultant, briefly as an invesment banker and later on I worked as a volunteer with various NGOs, in Brasil, in Romania, at the United Nations in New York. I have traveled a lot and lived in many different countries. So I made changes, went to discover places that I never dreamt of, did a lot of different things. And later on I started on a more inner journey. I started with yoga, then on to craniosacral therapy, psychotherapy, as well as contemporary dance and contact improvisation, active dream work, holotropic breathwork and a few other wonderful therapies. I create&facilitate courses and workshops, mostly on personal development and also on dance and creation. As a therapist, I have worked with people of all ages, from 5 years old to 75 , treating various disfunctions and emotional problems, and I trully immerse in my work and love what I do. When I am with a client, I can create a space of tranquility, calm, trust and understanding, a space where there are no judgements, and through my gentle touch, full attention and awareness, I help the person to open up, release any fears and trully relax, so that she/he can receive comfort, energy, courage and power to overcome anything in her path to healing. I am a guide for those who trully want to heal themselves, to grow and find balance, peace and inner harmony.

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