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Meet with Social Clubs @Stadsbiblioteket!

Are you interested in getting to know some Social Clubs for the international community? On March 28th, 10 am @ Stadsbiblioteket in Lund, Eos Cares is teaming up with International Citizen Hub Lund to host a meet and greet with some of these local Social Clubs so you can get a chance to talk to representatives and get a feel for what type of activities they are offering.

At the event you'll hear short presentations from the International Club of Skåne, American Women's Club and possibly a few more, as well as from Eos Cares. Afterwards you are free to talk to the organisation you're interested in and ask follow up questions in person.

The event is free but we have a limited number of available seats so if this sounds like an opportunity to you, then head over and sign up on our registration form right here.

Also, check out our facebook event, to share and invite friends!

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