Language cafés in Lund (Autumn 2019)

Eos Cares is known for its language cafés. However, we are not the only ones running a language café in Lund. Language cafés are excellent places for meeting people, training a language and drink some coffee! Below you will find the complete (as far as we are aware of) list of language cafes in Lund. Do you know of a language cafe that is not on the list? Please notify us by emailing

Picture of Eos language café

Internationella Huset (International House), Röda Korset (Red Cross), Tullgatan 14, weekdays 12-16. Support teaching in Swedish.


14-17 Språk och Gemenskap, Filippi, Sandgatan 14 B.

16-17 City Library in Lund, St Petri kyrkogata 6, Atriumgården

16-17 Linero Library, Linero Torg 14

17-18.30 Dalbys’ Library, Allégatan 1a

18-19.30, “Kulturbro" New activity for language training and cultural exchange, held at Lund City Library. (Eos Cares).

17-19.30 Swedish for asylum seekers and refugees in Lund - Flyktingar Lund. Google maps: Adress: Sölvegatan 29 D, 22362 Lund. Buss nr 6, 20.


10-12 Red Cross Lundakretsen, Paradisgatan 1.

10-12 Erikshjälpen, Öresundsvägen 16, Number of participants is limited. (First come on a Saturday to Pentecostal Church, Erik's Aid, between 11-13 to secure a place in the Tuesday group.)

12.30-14-30 IM (Individuell Människohjälp= Individual Human Aid) Vänskapens hus, Bredgatan 19. From 15 October. New address IOGT, Bantorget 5 i Lund.

14-16 Swedish Church, Petersgården Trollebergsvägen 43. Language and Handicraft café

16-18 Sankt Knuts församlingsgård, Linero Torg 12.

17-19 For International Students: The International Desk at Lund University hosts The Swedish Lounge, a language café focusing on the Swedish language. Available only to students at Lund University, limited number of seats (go in earlier than 16:45). Show a student ID to join (LU-card or stude