Adaptations of Eos Cares activities due to Corona situation

In these days, Eos Cares mission of making people in Lund "meet, interact & develop" is obviously severely compromised. Accordingly, we are adapting our activities and re-organizing to create better ways of serving our community.

To begin with, we are putting our regular public activities on hold until further notice:

- Eos Language Café (the activity is transferred online)

- Prata Svenska (the activity has been moved outdoors)

- Parlez-Vous Francais

- Hemspråk arabiska

- Bollkul

- Local Discoveries

- Cook-along

- Playground Eoshallen

Also, the New in Skåne program is cancelling its current activities.

Note: These activities are not contradictory to current precaution messages from the authorities, the reason for the shut-down is that we are no longer able to expect our amazing volunteers and great participants to join the activities to an extent that is required to create meaningful sessions.

However, instead of treading water, we are currently making plans for more relevant ways of supporting our community:

- It is believed that many people, especially the corona risk groups, will be living an extended time in isolation and need help with practical errands like picking up medicine from the pharmacy, gro