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Champion of Eos Social Hub - Julia

Julia is 21 years old from Germany and moved to Sweden last year in summer. She is currently studying her Bachelor's Programme European Studies at Malmö University and in January 2022 she started her internship at Eos Cares as part of the Social Hub Team. Julia manages the Culture Exchange Night, English Support Group for children and is involved in the Meeting Central working with Ukrainians. She also helps within the Communication Team, the Thursdays Language Café and the Lunch Talks.

What does Julia think of her experience with Eos Cares?

“The internship at Eos Cares has been a great opportunity for me to get an insight in the field of organisational work and Swedish work culture in general. Eos Cares provided support, space for personal growth and trust to its interns. Especially meeting new people and making friends from all over the world has probably been the most rewarding experience.”

Interested in becoming an intern? Read more and apply here!

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