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The Internship Experience| Abimbola O. Ajomale.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I must say it was a first good impression that was worth the value!

My first contact with EOS Cares was with Matilda, the external relations officer who gave a lecture in my class on an aspect of qualitative research method. Then, the rest was history.

EOS Cares gave me a platform to bring the principles of Social Medicine and my past experience to work. They provided a platform for me to see firsthand how the Swedish workplace (NGO) works and how the various social determinants of health are well-knitted together within a larger society through their well-coordinated ranges of activities.

It was worth the time I used for my internship at Eos Cares considering my background as a primary care physician. They gave me a platform to identify the health needs of the immigrant population that I worked with as opposed to their perceived health needs. Also, equity, inclusion, and not leaving anyone behind were a major theme of our work at EOS Cares where everyone is given equal opportunities to express themselves in achieving a common goal.

I will recommend EOS Cares to any colleagues who want to experience a Public Health internship in a supportive environment where the social determinants of health are well understood and evaluated for positive action plans.

Abimbola O. Ajomale.

MPH Student

Lund University.

2019 - 2021.

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