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138 Language Learners, 72 Basketball Players, 15 Politicians and 22 Volunteers made for a memorable

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

In the beginning of each season, Eos Cares is teaming up with Lund University International Desk, to host a Welcome Event for the new incoming students. This year, the event was build around an extension of the weekly Eos Language Café, and a basketball tournament for players of all levels. As it took place during the last week before the Swedish elections, invitations were also sent to the local political parties, out of which 6 parties showed up and enlightened the participants on the opportunity to vote and the upcoming challenges of our city and region.

Uniting language learners from all over the world, the Language Café flourished with conversation tables for Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian/Ukranian. As usual, the Swedish tables drew almost half of the crowd, and many participants also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to also mingle with the representatives from Feministiskt Initiativ, Vänsterpartiet, Miljöpartiet, Centerpartiet, Liberalerna and Socialdemokraterna.

Later in the afternoon, the event continued with a basketball tournament of 12 teams divided into two levels, experienced and less experienced players. Everyone competed hard and in great fair play spirit, and the A-final eventually ended up being decided in overtime. Here you can see some of the highlights from the game.

After the tournament, the exhausted participants enjoyed a home-made pasta salad in the Eoshallen cafeteria.

A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers that carried tables and chairs, cooked food, prepared coffee, tea and fika, invited all the newcomers into conversations and even made Eoshallen look good by the end of the day!

Inspired to see more of Eos Cares? Check out our Calendar for upcoming activities!

Basketball players, here is all you need to know to continue working on your game in Eoshallen.

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