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Eos Cares is expanding the Sustainability & Mindfulness activities with weekly Yoga & Medita

After two much appreciated seminars on the connection between health, interior peace and the climate changes, we are now launching a new element within the field - the opportunity of a weekly practice of your inner sustainability.

The initiative draws on two external collaborations. One is with ESN Lund, the spider-in-the-web organisation in the community of international students, who takes their Yoga club into Eoshallen and in this way makes it available as an Eos Cares activity, free and open for everyone. Yoga sessions will be held every Thursday between 17.00-18.00 in the Eoshallen conference room, with no requirement of pre-registration or commitment beyond each singular session, starting on October 30th.

Read more in the facebook event.

On the 1st of November will also start a weekly meditation class, held on Tuesdays at 17.00-17.45 in the same location. This has been enabled through Eos Cares connection with the Brahma Kumaris organisation, from which facilitator Jignesh Panchal will present their much accessible and efficient concept of meditation practice. These sessions are just like the Yoga classes held on a just-show-up basis, and are not requiring any previous meditation experience.

Read more in the facebook event.

Combining theory with practice, our Wednesday evening Learning Seminar series on Sustainability & Mindfulness will continue on October 24th with a session titled "Climate Change & Inner Sustainability" and on November 7th with a work shop on "Life Efficiency - Theory and Practice". The first will circle in on the core message of our previous external presenters and how this can form a basis for personal development, and the second one will bring up some of the key concepts of personal efficiency, time and task management.

Here is the facebook event on the Nov 7th seminar, feel free to share and invite friends.

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