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Staying in Lund over New Year's?

Help us deliver one of Europe's largest basketball tournaments!

Lundaspelen is played every year on the 2nd-5th of January, and brings around 3 500 basketball players from all of Europe to Lund. It was first played in 1979, so this season will be the 40th anniversary of the tournament!

The tournament is made available by voluntary efforts of around 500 people. Helping out as a volunteer will put you in the middle of all the action, and is a great way of making connections within the community of Eos as really everyone associated with the club: players, parents, supporters, business partners etc, is joining in to make the tournament happen.

Does this sound interesting? Click here to access the form where you announce your interest and for which tasks and when you would be available.

Currently, we are looking extra for people who can work as hosts at the schools where teams are staying. This is done in shifts covering the entire 24/7 (i.e. also night shifts) and will be compensated with a smaller payment.

For more info about the tournament, see the official web page at!

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