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Local Discoveries announces summer schedule - we welcome more drivers to join our driver pool!

We are very happy to announce the summer season of the Local Discoveries with 4 new destinations, and also to welcome more drivers to join our driver pool (see register link below) so we can take more people out in the nature!

In the past spring, the new Local Discoveries team organized 5 trips that allowed 66 people to get out of Lund and to discover amazing nature areas in Skåne. Our excursions took place every other Sunday between March 31 and May 26, reaching out to Häckebergasjön, Romeleåsen, Söderåsen, Hovdala, and Kullaberg.

The carrying idea behind the Local Discoveries is this: In order to truly enjoy the place where you are living, you also need to know the hidden secrets of its surroundings - the places to visit, the cultural landscape and the nature areas that define the region. Many people in Lund, especially newly arrived, have not had a chance to discover what is outside the city borders, and would not be able to get out into the countryside on their own. With the Local Discoveries, Eos Cares is providing an opportunity for people to build an attachment to the Skåne region through discovering its amazing beauty.

Furthermore, from an integration perspective, we have found that these nature excursions is a great way for people to meet. As with all of Eos Cares activities, we aim to unite people of all backgrounds and society groups. Through a common introduction, car sharing and an extensive time together in a calm and inspiring outdoor, the participants have good opportunities for interaction and social bonding. The nature trips also align with our Sustainability initiative, where we try to draw attention to the connection between our interior peace of mind and our habits & behaviors that put footprints on our external environment.

For the coming summer, we are aiming for the following destinations either by car sharing or public transport. More information and registration to be announced soon at Local Discoveries Page and Facebook Group!

INFORMATION: Sommarkort is available at Skånetrafiken that allows to explore Skåne by public transport during 15 June - 15 August with a price of 699 SEK. Thus we have decided to do the first 2 trips by public transport. For those who don’t have summer card, we can buy group tickets to get discounts.

16 June: Frostavallen (by Public transport)

Frostavallen area has beech woodlands, glittering lakes and an open landscape. Beech woodland dominates the area and wood anemones cover the ground in summer time.

30 June: Glumslöv (Public transport)

Glumslöv Area is a rolling agricultural landscape with an exciting cliff coast. Along the coast we can hike along the Skåneleden for the beautiful scene.

11 August: Klova Hallar (Car sharing)

We will stroll in peace and quiet and enjoy the views of the dramatic landscape but also go on exciting explorations in beech forests and valleys.

25 August: Fulltofta (Car sharing)

We will enjoy the varying landscape with deep woodland, open glades and pasture, wide heath land and mighty oak trees, small and big ponds and many little streams.

Finally, our main method for reaching these destinations is car sharing. This means that for every trip, we try to recruit as many drivers as possible who can bring their own cars, then we count the number of empty seats in these cars and offer them to people who do not have any transportation on their own and share the gas expense together. We always meet up in Eoshallen for a cup of coffee, some brief informations about the trip and to get introduced to each other before we embark. Of course, the basis for making the trips successful is that we have a good amount of drivers that are participating, and we continuously encourage everyone involved to spread the word and to reach out to more people who can provide the transport. That’s why we now are building a driver pool so drivers will be notified directly when new trips are scheduled.

Want to participate in experiencing the beauty of our region, and also making it accessible for others? Join the Local Discoveries driver pool if you have a car and Facebook Group to get updated on the news and to get notified of all events as they are published.

And if you want to join our team of organizers, do not hesitate to drop us a message at!

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